New Model Has All the Proven Features of Original LEAF, Plus More Pulling Power


ATLANTA, GA—November 6, 2012 (James Street Media Services)—Railserve, the leading North American provider of sustainable, economical switching locomotives, has completed production of its first three Railserve Dual LEAF Gen-Set Locomotives, each with two genset power modules for increased pulling power.

The Dual LEAF offers all of the features of Railserve’s highly-successful single genset model, with the additions of a second Cummins QSX-15 600 horsepower genset, a larger frame, and an increased-capacity sand reservoir.

“The 32 Railserve single genset LEAF locomotives already in operation have proven this model to be a highly reliable switch engine for shipper, port, utility, regional railroad, intermodal, and other rail terminals,” says TJ Mahoney, program manager for Railserve LEAF Gen-Set Locomotives. “Now, we have a second, more powerful model that is better suited for facilities that handle more cars, or that have grades or other track conditions that call for more power.”

Compared to traditional diesel locomotives, genset locomotives use about 50 percent less fuel, are more easily started, and can be shut down when not in use. These features offer a significant operating and environmental advantage over traditional diesel locomotives that often idle while standing. Gensets meet new EPA emissions standards and produce 85 percent, or lower, particulate matter and NOx than conventional locomotives.

With two gensets, the Railserve Dual LEAF is also capable of producing increased tractive effort. And, like the original model, the Dual LEAF is designed to significantly reduce NOx emissions and fuel consumption.

Both the Railserve LEAF and DUAL LEAF surpass conventional locomotives in many ways beyond reducing costs and environmental impact. Key to their performance is pulling capability, or higher “adhesion” to the rails. This attribute is the only difference operators need to learn to manage when they first climb aboard.

The Railserve LEAF’s proprietary traction motor control system automatically backs off current to any one of the four axles that are in danger of slipping. When this condition arises, the Railserve LEAF applies sand to the rail and reduces power to that one axle only. The unit resumes full power as soon as the danger of slipping passes and the other three axles remain at the amp load designated by the system for the requested speed and track condition. The operator does not need to reduce power, as is necessary for conventional locomotives experiencing wheel slip.

The Railserve LEAF and Dual LEAF are made in America, produced at the company’s Longview, Texas facility.

About Railserve
Railserve is the leading provider of in-plant rail switching and associated services—operating in more than 70 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Railserve manufactures the Railserve LEAF® and Railserve Dual LEAF Gen-Set Locomotives at its Longview, Texas facility. Railserve uses its own locomotives and employees to safely move railcars within industrial, manufacturing and production plants. In addition, Railserve provides other services including railcar loading and unloading; track maintenance, inspection and repair; and more. For more information on Railserve, visit www.Railserve.biz; for more information on the Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive, visit www.RailserveLEAF.biz.

Railserve is a Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway company.

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