What We Do


AMPS broad gen-set experience coupled with decades working in the locomotive industry delivers cost-effective and reliable solutions to locomotive manufacturers and rail companies. We also employ our knowledge and proven solutions to a wide array of heavy mobile equipment, such as port logistics equipment, select construction equipment, front-discharge concrete trucks, and other heavy-duty mobile vehicles.
AMPS engineers new or existing Gen-Sets for unlimited duty cycles to reduce emissions by at least 55%, reduce fuel consumption by at least 40% and lower noise levels by a minimum of 20%.


AMPS delivers superior results in transforming heavy-duty mobile equipment to hybrid electric power. We work with manufacturers’ engineers and design teams identifying and developing new products for a widening market. AMPS assists industrial companies with specific applications in mind: Then guides them toward green technology through a combination of equipment and control transforming your challenges into solutions.Our Hybrid Electric modifications feature two configurations:

  • Gen-Set dominant (Charge Sustaining) Features unlimited duty cycles and provides reduced emissions of 75%, up to 60% in fuel consumption reduction, and noise reduction of 40%
  • Battery dominant (Charge Depleting) Features extended duty cycles and provides reduced emissions of 90%, up to 80% in fuel consumption reduction, and noise reduction of 70%

Both designs can include a plug-in feature for charging batteries using grid power.


At AMPS, We’ve changed the perception of battery powered heavy equipment by demonstrating the power, reliability, cost-effectiveness, safety and environmentally friendly benefits of choosing battery power over fossil-fuel power.
Our battery modifications of fossil fuel equipment are designed to customer specifications and needs regarding ample duty cycles. Employing battery power reduces emissions, fossil fuel consumption and noise output levels all by 100%.


AMPS diverse experience, precision engineering and careful flawless programming enables us to tailor power and control schemes for Gen-Set and other green-technology packages. We precision engineer the components and control systems to meet the requirements of your specific application.

The AMPS team collaborates with equipment manufacturers and locomotive power users to deliver Gen-Set and Plug-in hybrid electric power solutions that are easily incorporated into a variety of locomotives and mobile equipment. AMPS helps you develop a technology solution customized for YOU.


Our environmentally-friendly packages are extremely reliable and efficient, easily maintained, and will continue to meet or exceed typical Gen-Set locomotive, performance specifications.

AMPS improves performance where you want it, adds efficiency and cost savings where you need it, and then engineers it to do the job for you, day in and day out. The Railserve LEAF “Alpha” unit has been in service since November 2008. To date it has worked 5400 hours with zero design defects.


With AMPS, power is always abundant, even when efficiency and cost-savings are at the heart of the project. There is always more than enough power for the job.

Our Gen-Set locomotive designs consistently out-perform their conventional counterparts: Dramatically reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

At AMPS, we know power.

The benefits of Gen-Set, Hybrid and Battery technologies: Reducing emissions; Fuel consumption; Noise and delivering the power you need and the reliability you demand.