Our History



In 2013, AMPS’ extensive experience with a variety of locomotives and other innovative hybrid vehicles culminated in our new GenSet Hybrid GSHX 3380 Road Switching Locomotive. With the help of a New Technology Research and Development grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Alternative Motive Power Systems has developed the first gen-set package with a hybrid gen-set module in the road switcher/short line locomotive marketplace. This Multiple GenSet/Hybrid system is infinitely configurable ranging from Tier 4 GenSet only, GenSet Dominant Hybrid, Battery Dominant Hybrid to Battery Only. This locomotive will provide an ideal cost effective product to address emission reduction needs while filling the heavy duty application requirements of the market and is particularly suited to road switcher/short line locomotives. Some of the benefits users will realize include “zero engine idling” and “peak shaving” of engines during acceleration and hard pulls.

2010 – 2012

In 2010 Alternative Motive Power Systems was responsible for Systems Integration Assistance (including wire harness design), overall Vehicle Control Architecture as well as Vehicle Control Programming for one Alphand and three Beta prototype vehicles.

The Army’s Ultra Light Vehicle (ULV) Research Prototype is a safe, capable, innovative hybrid vehicle funded by the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD). The goal of the ULV project was to design, develop and build three identical lightweight tactical concept vehicles emphasizing occupant survivability while meeting four overarching primary research objectives:

TARDEC’s Ground System Survivability (GSS) group partnered with nontraditional defense contractors to bring to bear the full efforts of both. Solutions balanced the objectives of weight, survivability and cost. This was a high-risk, high-reward scenario. And since the program moved at an accelerated pace – only 16 months from design to prototype – a process utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, with room for new and innovative developments, were employed. AMPS is proud to have been a part of this effort.

In less than 5 months AMPS was able to develop the gen-set (power and control system) for Railserve’s LEAF Switch Locomotive. The power and control system reduces the NOx emissions and particulate matter 76% and reduces fuel consumption 45-60% while improving the performance of the locomotive. Since this development Railserve will have 45 LEAF® Locomotives in service by the end of 2013. Railserve is realizing over 50% fuel savings in their switching operations.

As of the end of 2013, there are 45 Railserve LEAF® Locomotives in operation.

Late in of 2008, AMPS provided systems integration and programming assistance for Capacity of Texas in order to build a plug hybrid terminal tractor. By April of 2009 the alpha prototype was developed and Capacity of Texas began demonstrating. By the end of that year, the prototype developed the Beta Phase. AMPS was able to provide Capacity of Texas a gen-set (power and control system) for their PHETT (Pluggable Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor), the industry’s first hybrid terminal tractor. The power and control system turned a diesel powered shunt tractor that used 5.5 -6.7 liters of diesel per operation hour to one that uses 2.03 liters, a savings of 3.5 – 4.75 liters/hour. In addition, it reduced noise pollution, maintenance costs and there was a 77% reduction in hydrocarbons and NOx emission and 85% reduction in particulate matter.



Battery Electric Switching Locomotive Building upon the design experience gained from the conversion of G.E. Locomotives to battery electric propulsion, Dan Frederick was one of two principle design Engineers who developed this 50- Ton Battery Electric switching Locomotive. As a result of its forward thinking design, in 2002, it received an EPA Clean Air Excellence Award.



In 2000, the design evolved to the conversion of two, otherwise unsalvageable 45 Ton GE. Everything above the deck was stripped and all components below the deck including trucks was rebuilt or replaced. The locomotives were ballasted to 55 Tons. New battery compartments were built and a new operator cab was provided. Battery Electric 128VDC – 9MPH.



In 1999, the logical evolution of this locomotive repower design was to expand the application to larger locomotives and to provide longer run time and slightly more speed. As a result, 1 of 2 Principle Design Engineers
45 Ton G.E. Battery Electric “Retrofit”
72VDC – 5MPH



Beginning in 1998 Dan was 1 of 2 Principle Design Engineers involved in the conversion of a 25 Ton G.E. Locomotive to a Battery Electric Propulsion System. The unit was powered by a 72V Battery Pack and was capable of pulling railcars at 5mph in switching applications. The approach led to better overall functionality of the unit as well as dramatically reduced maintenance and fuel consumption.

1988 – 1992

In 1988, Dan became Director of Sales for a Shuttlewagon Dealer. In 1991, they led the nation in Shuttlewagon sales. The company later began expansion of the business to include a rental fleet of GE Industrial locomotives. These units were provided to Fortune 500 Companies across the United States. The units in this fleet were acquired, rebuilt, delivered and maintained for all clients.

1987 – 1995

Dan Frederick, President of Alternative Motive Power Systems, LLC began his career in the rail industry rebuilding Mobile Railcar Movers. His experience includes rebuilding Trackmobile, Switchmaster and Shuttlewagon car movers for companies like CSX, Lockheed Martin, Tennessee Valley Authority, Frito Lay, Clorox and others.