Railserve LEAF Locomotive


In less than 5 months AMPS was able to develop the genset (power and control system) for Railserve’s LEAF Switch Locomotive.  The power and control system reduces the NOx emissions and particulate matter 76% and reduces fuel consumption 45-60% while improving the performance of the locomotive.  Since this development, Railserve has built more than 80 LEAF locomotives that incorporate AMPS’ technology.


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“Without AMPS help, we never would have gotten to this point.  They are definitely a company you can work with as a partner.”

Kevin Corley, LEAF Project Manager Railserve

“We are very pleased with AMPS and the product they helped develop. Both operators and maintenance personnel prefer the Railserve LEAF locomotive to other diesel and battery electric locomotives. AMPS exceeded every expectation we had. Their staff is experienced, professional and able to meet deadlines in a timely manner. We would recommend their services to any company interested in developing clean, environmentally friendly power and control technology for their equipment or vehicles. We very much look forward to working with AMPS in the near future.”

Timothy J. Benjamin, Vice President – Finance & Co-President Railserve

“I’ve worked with a lot of different companies and vendors and things and from my perspective, AMPS has done exactly what they said they’d do…they’re A+ in my book.”

Bobby Ross, Senior Vice President & Co-President Railserve