Who We Are


AMPS is a team of collaborators, engineers, project managers and innovative problem solvers. Learn more about us from our founder Dan Frederick.

“When we tell you that we can do everything you need us to do, you don’t need to lose any sleep over it, we’ve got it”

Dan Frederick - Principal - AMPS



As Principal of AMPS, Dan has over 20 years of experience in the

locomotive and railroad equipment industry, including converting industrial locomotives to battery power, as well as 10 years in heavy construction. Dan wanted to change the way both government and industry viewed battery electric and battery electric hybrid technology, and he established AMPS (Alternative Motive Power Systems) in 2004. Building on past relationships and establishing new ones, he has been able to successfully carry his approaches to electric and hybrid electric technology into other industrial and mobile equipment, as well as select commercial vehicle applications.

Brian Cuchene - VP of Electrical Engineering - AMPS


VP of Electrical Engineering

Brian, Vice President of Electrical Engineering, brings to AMPS his electric vehicle development and industrial control systems design experience from Rockwell Automation. His latest work with AMPS has been providing design engineering and installation assistance for several of AMPS’ battery electric, hybrid electric, and gen-set switching locomotives. Brian’s responsibilities include ensuring that correct components are specified, all systems are properly integrated, and that all programming is done correctly. His work with the Future Car team at Michigan Technical University, along with his years of experience at Rockwell Automation have provided him with a solid foundation to bring to AMPS. The “passion” he brings is his own.

Doug Bardwell - Lead Electro-Mechanical Engineer - AMPS


Lead Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Added to the AMPS group in 2010 as Lead Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Doug provides a diverse methodical approach to electric vehicle control and integration strategies. Previous industrial control experiences on multiple continents guide his unique insight on how to safely and effectively provide efficient, build-to-market solutions to state of the art prototype systems. His work starting as a machinist quickly progressed into complete custom machine/product developer while completing an engineering degree from The Ohio State University shows his high level of commitment and enthusiasm. Partnered with Brian Couchene, Doug has been an integral part of AMPS engineering and will continually provide data driven electric vehicle design solutions.